Saturday, September 17, 2011

Utrecht vs. Markette

I think I found the replacement for the ol' Markette marker for live caricature jobs.  A while back the manufacturer of the Markette changed the beloved nib to more of a bullet tip which did not perform nearly as well for thick and thin lines.  This left many live caricature artists scrambling to find a replacement marker.  The marker on the left is the Markette, the one in the middle is a new Utrecht design marker and the one on the right is a Utrecht after a couple hours drawing under it's belt.  I definitely can't be as heavy handed with the Utrecht as one end of it is actually a brush type marker (the other end is a chisel tip) which requires a lighter touch. So far so good!  Now if they just keep making the Utrecht marker the same for a while....

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  1. Just getting into live caricature. Do you still swear by the Utrecht? I've been using a Crayola marker - love it's nib but the ink is water-based.