Saturday, September 29, 2012

David O'keefe gallery

I recently spent a week in Florida and was able to visit the Gallery of David O'keefe in St. Armands Circle.  What a treat it was to see so many of his works on display. It was a gallery devoted entirely to David's caricatures and the best shop I had visited in a long time.  David was one of the speakers at the 2011 ISCA convention in St. Petersburg. He is so talented not only at capturing likenesses in different styles but also taking it to new levels by fully rendering his compositions.  I respect the "no photos" policy inside the gallery but wish I could have taken a few to share here.  If you're ever in the Sarasota area I recommend visiting his gallery.  Also, just down the street is the Wyland gallery which has very high end art and is well worth a look.

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