Monday, February 4, 2013

Digital sketching: iPad and the others

Ok, the ipad is out of this world popular and has a gigantic ecosystem with a ton of cool apps including drawing and art creation apps.  iPads, and iphones work very well, operate extremely smooth and seem to be rock solid.  I don't own any Apple products although I think very highly of them.  What I can't get past is Apple's refusal to offer a true pen-like (read Wacom or s-pen) pressure sensitive stylus so that artists aren't forced to use a large eraser tipped device to draw with.  I'm still shaking my head over this one!  I bought one of these styli for my smart phone and disliked using it so much that I returned it.  You can't even see the beginning of your line with the big rubber tip which is absolutely nothing like a pen or pencil.  I know that Mr. Jobs had something against the stylus but isn't it time to move on?  There are other great Android and Windows based tablets and hybrid computers with Wacom, Ntrig and even other digitizers built in so as to make the tablet/art experience that much closer to a Wacom Cintiq.   The huge selection of Apple apps must trump a great stylus for most people but a company as large and well organized as Apple should have a proper digitizer built into the ipad - at least in a separate model.  Heck, Apple might very well be able to design a better digitizer than Wacom (did I just say that?) after all they're the kings of a smooth and responsive operating system.

I'm finished with my rant and I'll crawl quietly back into my cave now.

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