Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wacom mobile tablet coming soon

Just announced yesterday on the Wacom Americas Facebook page that Wacom has been listening to consumers wishes and is working "24/7" to make a mobile tablet of their own which is coming this summer.  This totally makes sense as we have seen other companies that weren't known to be hardware manufacturers jump on the tablet bandwagon.  Of course Wacom makes hardware but to my knowledge never an on the go tablet.  This is great news for artists.  Wacom uses the term "dream device" and states the tablet will have "other valuable features that you haven't seen in other tablets" so who knows exactly what that could be.  Personally I'm hoping it's a high spec tab with a display that's larger than current popular tablets (after all, artists need some real estate!) and running Windows 8.  With the progression of electronics (at least in my thinking) it is much more logical to have a mobile tablet that doesn't just do one thing but is a powerful computer with full Wacom goodness built in.    I can think of many possibilities for a device such as daily activities, vacations, conventions, job duties and the list goes on.  Samsung recently bought a 5% stake in Wacom so that may have been the cash injection that Wacom needed to jump ahead into the mobile world.  I'm really looking forward to what Wacom has up their sleeve.  Come on summer!

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